Feria del Caballo Español 2016

Again the conformation contest (Concurso Morfológico) in Flémalle, organized by ANCCE-Bélgica, was a great success. Under the eyes of the judges Javier Bayo Sánchez (Morfología) and Teresa Alonso-Miñon Agut (Fuctionalidad) more than 30 participants from Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Switzerland, Luxemburg and Spain presented their over 50 horses in a very well organized (thanks to the council of the Belgium association under the presidency of Nadia Joosen and the technical secretariat Miguel Buendia del Cid and Christian de Aquino Darnaude) and exciting competition. The special prices went to the Ferme du lac Bairon for their Esperenza de Bairon as Campeona Joven, to the Elevage Garcia-Lagos for their Duero des Gachots as Campeón Joven, to the Swiss Elevage PRE Manoir Villars for their sublime Ultima du Glandaz as Campeona del Concurso and finally to the Yeguada Fuentes for their impressive Cortesano Fuentes as Campeón del Concurso. The price for both – the best movements and for the best functionality test – went to the Elevage Donzel for their castaña stallion Recuerdo ER, while the Yeguada Defooz was honored being the best Belgian studfarm.

Campeona Joven, Esperanza de Bairon, Ferme du Lac Bairon Campeón Joven, Duero des Gachots, Elevage Garcia-Lagos
Ultima du Glandaz, Elevage PRE Manoir Villars

Campeona del Concurso, Ultima du Glandaz, Elevage PRE Manoir Villars, Photo: Uheinelt Fotografie

Cortesano Fuentes, Yeguada Fuentes

Campeón del Concurso, Cortesano Fuentes, Yeguada Fuentes, Photo: Uheinelt Fotografie

Campeón de Funcionalidad & Campeón de Mejores Movimientos, Recuerdo ER, Elevage Donzel Mejor Criador Belga, Yeguada Defooz

The organizers were not only satisfied with the professional presentation and the outstanding quality of the horses, but also with the high number of spectators that filled the place to celebrate the Purebred Spanish Horse during the competition and that stayed throughout the evening to enjoy the feria atmosphere, created by a huge range of Spanish food, some show and dance performances and live music.

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